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Tile status


The height of the tile off the ground. This should generally be set in increments of 32. The minimum height is -32,768 and maximum height is 32,767.


What each tile looks like. An appearance of 0 means an empty tile. An appearance of 3 is used around the perimeter of the floor. Some tiles may look the same in the editor but have different appearance IDs because they incorporate elements that can't be shown in the editor, such as an archway overhead.


Rooms must be manually specified so monsters behave accordingly. To select a room, click the top-left corner tile (use the "Rooms" view mode to see where that is). Generally rooms are specified to start just inside the walls, but the tutoirial floor acts differently. Rooms should have associated waypoints set at the entrances and exits and may need intermediates. The game supports up to 36 rooms in the same floor.


Waypoints are used to define entrances and exits of a room, and intermediate points if necessary. Waypoints are used by monster AI.


To be described.


To be described.