Azure Dreams PS1 Encyclopedia - List of Bugs

by pro_grammar
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This is a non-exhaustive list of bugs present in Azure Dreams, grouped by type.


Bugs that cause the game to encounter an exception from which it can't recover, or enter an infinite loop.


Bugs where game logic is waiting for some action to occur but it never does.

The minimap, HUD, and camera can still be controlled as normal, but movement or other game actions cannot be performed. The game has logic to detect softlocks which activates after 30 seconds (900 frames), reseting a few variables that track pending actions and letting game logic run for one loop. Issues that are resolved by this are classified as temporary softlocks (time losses) and cataloged below. The issues that aren't automatically resolved are listed here. By holding down the desired button to buffer your input for the once per 30 seconds unlock, it may be possible to escape these softlocks, e.g. by holding Square to bring up your menu and select a Wind crystal to leave.

Time losses (temporary softlocks)

Softlocks that are resolved automatically after 30 seconds.

Game logic

Bugs where the developers clearly intended one thing to happen but something else happens instead (not purely cosmetic).

Note that this only includes cases where the code or context unambiguously indicates that something should behave differently than it actually does, generally due to a mistake or limitation. The first point below is a great example of how the original intention is clear, not just a matter of my opinion.

Graphical bugs

Cosmetic issues that have no effect on gameplay.


Places where I suspect something might be intended to work differently, but might have been deliberately made otherwise.