Custom palettes help


This is a tool to improve the accessibility of Azure Dreams (PS1) by modifying some in-game colors.
It can be difficult for players to distinguish the elements of some monsters based on color, especially for players with color vision deficiency or color blindness. This feature allows users to create a set of custom palettes for each monster and element combination that meets their particular needs. Using custom palettes does not change the checksum generated, so players with different color needs can use the same seed URL and set their own custom palette file without getting a checksum error.
In the future, this tool will hopefully be expanded to include things like mini-map colors.


I have designed this tool with accessibility in mind, with the intention that users with any level of color vision (or none at all) may use it successfully. Please see "Helpful tips" for suggestions on how to improve your experience. This tool also supports keyboard-only and mouse-only navigation.
If you have an accessibility or other type of concern, please post a message in the #randomizer channel of the Azure Dreams Discord and '@pro_grammar'.

How To

  1. Import your NTSC-U copy of Azure Dreams (PS1, SLUS-00614) in BIN format by clicking the button labeled "Import BIN file" and selecting the file.
  2. Please wait a moment; the process of reading the file might take several seconds. If the file was read successfully, a portion of the monster Hikewne's sprite sheet should appear after a short while. If the file was not read successfully, the page might reload or an error message might appear near "Import/Export".
  3. (Optional) If you already have a palette file, you may import it by clicking on the button labeled "Import palette file".
  4. Modify the sprite colors as desired (see "Modifying palettes" below).
  5. When you are finished or want to stop for the moment, click "Export palette file" to download your work. You may come back later and continue where you left off by repeating this process, being sure in step 3 to import the palette file you've just downloaded.
  6. To make your custom palettes appear in-game, go to the randomizer home page or click the randomizer seed URL if participating in a race. Provide your BIN file as usual, then select your custom palettes file under "Customizations > Custom palettes" before clicking "Randomize". Generate your CUE file as usual and play.

Modifying palettes

Only available after importing your BIN


Helpful tips

(especially for users with color vision deficiency, a.k.a. color blindness)

Special cases