Azure Dreams PS1 Encyclopedia - Talents

by pro_grammar
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Talents are properties of monsters that can be combined when fusing monsters and are generally shown after a fusion occurs (e.g "Talented with Unbrainwashable").

Talents generally boost stats or provide immunity from a negative effect such as an abnormal status. Some types of units have one or more talents by default, and monsters may be fused to produce a monster that contains the talents of eached fused unit type (not the talents that the two individual monsters happened to have). For example, fusing a level 1 Picket and a level 2 Block will produce a Block talented with Quick and Hard. If that Block is then fused with a level 1 Stealth, the resulting Block will be talented with only Hard and Rustproof, since those are the talents of the two unit types used in that fusion.

The talents of any given unit can only be seen if that unit results from a fusion. Some talents have no name or only occur on units that cannot be fused and therefore will never appear be shown. Yet other talents go completely unused, but are fully functional.

Talent list