Azure Dreams PS1 Encyclopedia

by pro_grammar
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This is a work in progress. Terms will be added as questions arise.
Abilities are actions that a unit can perform which generally appear when opening the command menu for that unit. Abilities should not be confused with talents, which are characteristics that can be passed in fusion, and traits, which are characteristics intrinsic to a unit type (not possible commands that can be performed).
A unit's diet determines how much MP can be restored by consuming various different kinds of items. A unit's diet is intrinsic to a unit's type, e.g. Vipers can restore 100 MP by consuming an egg.
The game defines three elements: fire, water, and wind. Fire is weak to water, water is weak to wind, wind is weak to fire. Items, spells, and units may have an element or they may not, in which case they are referred to as being non-elemental. The term "tri-elemental" is used elsewhere, but this is a misnomer, as they are actually coded as not having an element. Technically, elements are generally represented as bitfields, so objects which can have one element could theoretically have multiple elements, which is another reason to distinguish objects without elements as being non-elemental.
The element of a monster. This is the term used in game (e.g. "Kewne changes genus to water."), but as it is specific to monsters and has the potential to be confused with unit type, it is not used on this site.
The basic numeric values that define how a monster performs in battle. Stats generally increase with level but can also be increased by consuming certain items.
Talents are properties of monsters that can be combined when fusing monsters and are generally (but not always) shown after a fusion occurs (e.g "Talented with Unbrainwashable"). They are distinct from traits, which are also inherent properties but which cannot be passed in fusion. Talents generally provide some sort of stat boost or status immunity.
Traits are characteristics specific to a single type of monster, such as Manoevas having the possibility of creating a clone when damaged. They are distict from talents, as traits cannot be passed in fusion. This is not a term found directly in the game, but one I use to differentiate these characteristics from other things like abilities and diet.
Units are the monsters, characters, and destructable obstables found in the tower. The term "unit" is generally used over monster because the topic also applies to Koh, Ghosh, etc.